How to install manjaro i3 iso with my current manjaro settings?

I’m using plasma now, and I want to change to i3. I wonder if there is a way to install manjaro i3 iso without broken my current manjaro files and other application’s settings?

It should, in theory not be a problem if you didn’t change something outside your $HOME directory and you keep it as is. Making backups if neccessary and restoring or only mounting it afterwards, if it’s on a separate drive or partition.

Note: I’ve never done it myself, though. It is only a theory based on the fact that the contents in your $HOME directory is only modified by you, the system doesn’t touch it.

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HI @sbwcwso ,
I do not know either what is your interest about i3 or using it, but I could recommend you to see a video in which you can install it without problems at all. I first tried did the workflow in a virtual machine in which I have installed Manjaro and followed the video to install leftwm successfully. Then I did the same on Manjaro installed in my machine and after two stable updates it still work perfectly well.

ArcoLinux : 3582 Combine a desktop with a TWM - Plasma and Chadwm as example - you choose your TWM - YouTube

You must consider whether you would like to install the i3, as an alternative of the other response to your question.

Hope it help,


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Thank you, I will try i3 at my laptop first.

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