How to install lomiri?

How Lomiri can be installed in Manjaro desktop?

I tried yay -Ss lomiri and nothing was there

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Lomiri we have currently on ARM architecture only. We will see when we port it to x64.

Is it easy to install it to try it on the pinephone from a phosh build? Or do I just need to wait for the official release, cause I really wanna play with it.

We will have a preview image most likely by next weekend.

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Thanks! I’ll be eagerly waiting!

I’m eagerly waiting as well! Lomiri + Manjaro + Kirigami Apps sounds wonderful. Possibly a candidate for a Manjaro Community Edition PinePhone? :wink:

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is lomiri available yet to install? I thought I saw somewhere that is was being used on manjaro for pinephone but I don’t see it anywhere.

Well It seems Lomiri is in the Manjaro repos compiled for the ARM architecture but not for x86 or x86_64

I’m sorry if this is a noob question, but I’m still not sure how to install it on my Pinephone CE:
I searched for it using yay -Ss lomiri and found many packages with Lomiri apps but I didn’t find a package with the actual base Lomiri interface, nor did I find a single package or group that installs the whole Lomiri environment.
Here is the output of yay -Ss lomiri:

[manjaro@will ~]$ yay -Ss lomiri
community/ubuntu-ui-extras-git r602.8fecad1-2 (230.0 KiB 977.8 KiB) 
    Lomiri UI toolkit extras for Mobile Devices
community/repowerd-git r322.4fa3396-3 (325.2 KiB 3.3 MiB) 
    Repowerd, power daemon for Lomiri UI
community/morph-browser-git r7593.0998fa2a-1 (566.1 KiB 2.8 MiB) 
    Lomiri UI Web browser for Mobile Devices
community/lomiri-weather-app-git r1488.3956ac0-1 (238.9 KiB 1.5 MiB) 
    Lomiri weather app
community/lomiri-themes-git 19.04-1 (10.7 MiB 50.4 MiB) 
    Lomiri monochrome icon theme, Ambiance and Radiance themes, and Lomiriartwork. Based on Ubuntu themes
community/lomiri-terminal-app-git r816.e0af942-7 (304.4 KiB 1.2 MiB) 
    Lomiri terminal app
community/lomiri-sounds r4.d8c10bd-1 (17.8 MiB 18.0 MiB) 
    Ringtones and notification tones for Lomiri
community/lomiri-music-app-git r3916.32ac85a2-1 (134.0 KiB 679.2 KiB) 
    Lomiri music app
community/lomiri-mobile-session 0.1.2-6 (19.3 KiB 7.0 KiB) 
    Lomiri Mobile Session Scripts
community/lomiri-keyboard-git r2086.geaa3d713-5 (25.7 MiB 102.9 MiB) 
    Lomiri Maliit Keyboard
community/lomiri-indicator-transfer-git git_r219-1 (68.0 KiB 301.5 KiB) 
    Lomiri Transfer Indicator
community/lomiri-indicator-location-git git_r437-1 (45.5 KiB 132.7 KiB) 
    Lomiri Location Indicator
community/lomiri-indicator-bluetooth-git git_r1-1 (39.7 KiB 109.9 KiB) 
    Bluetooth Indicator
community/lomiri-gallery-app-git r3915.3eded6d0-2 (3.8 MiB 4.7 MiB) 
    Lomiri Photo gallery application
community/lomiri-filemanager-app-git r2395.ea63772-2 (409.8 KiB 1.5 MiB) 
    Lomiri filemanager app
community/lomiri-docviewer-app-git r1492.e59d979-1 (1.7 MiB 3.1 MiB) 
    Lomiri documents viewer
community/lomiri-clock-app-git r2762.c9fda05d-1 (328.6 KiB 1.8 MiB) 
    Lomiri clock app
community/lomiri-calendar-app-git r3699.0bf1fc9d-1 (175.0 KiB 891.9 KiB) 
    Lomiri calendar app
community/lomiri-calculator-app-git r1139.bcf9c40-1 (342.8 KiB 2.2 MiB) 
    Lomiri calculator app
community/lightdm-lomiri 1:1.30.0-6 (208.2 KiB 1.1 MiB) 
    A lightweight display manager
community/liblightdm-qt5-lomiri 1:1.30.0-6 (28.5 KiB 86.0 KiB) 
    LightDM Qt client library
community/hfd-service-git r21.896ef75-2 (112.8 KiB 629.3 KiB) 
    Human Feedback Service for Lomiri UI

I am currently using GNOME with Phosh and am finding it really buggy, so I would like to try out other UIs.
Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Flash ready to use lomiri dev image.

Osdn link

Good luck.

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Thank you.
Is there any way I can just install a non-alpha version on an existing install?

There is no non-alpha version, it is still under heavy developement.

You can download the pkg from unstable though.


Back in January, one of the UBPorts guy has made an earlier-than-alpha Lomiri desktop session available in… Manjaro.

(picture of the desktop included)

If you have an available VM, partition or a spare computer in which to try to get it running, below how to set up the repo.

Beware that it might have some conflicting packages with other DEs or even with some Manjaro-specific stuff, so please try this at your own risk (not on your daily driver).

sudo gedit /etc/pacman.conf


Server =

You might also need to set the branch to unstable in /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf

sudo pacman -S lomiri-desktop-session (or better install it via Pamac)

I’ve managed to install it but it wouldn’t start from GDM, maybe with LightDM (seems it’s the one that was tested) or by tinkering you could get it running.

Hey mate, any news about Lomiri for x64?

Great article about Pinetab OS state of the art (use any translator, those that not speak Castilian Spanish)

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