How to install lomiri?

How Lomiri can be installed in Manjaro desktop?

I tried yay -Ss lomiri and nothing was there

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Lomiri we have currently on ARM architecture only. We will see when we port it to x64.

Is it easy to install it to try it on the pinephone from a phosh build? Or do I just need to wait for the official release, cause I really wanna play with it.

We will have a preview image most likely by next weekend.

Thanks! I’ll be eagerly waiting!

I’m eagerly waiting as well! Lomiri + Manjaro + Kirigami Apps sounds wonderful. Possibly a candidate for a Manjaro Community Edition PinePhone? :wink:

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is lomiri available yet to install? I thought I saw somewhere that is was being used on manjaro for pinephone but I don’t see it anywhere.