How to install

With several games that I try to run on Manjaro, I get the error that cannot be found. However, I don’t know in which package I should find it.

I found a post saying that I should install gconf on my Cinnamon, but when I try to build the git package, it aborts because the dependencies are not satisfied.

I’m at a loss here. How do I install on my system?

This game depends on the Steam Runtime:

find ~/.local/share/Steam -iname "**"

Run it with steam-runtime and not steam-native.

I assumed that it is steam, but I could be wrong. Look at @Yochanan post :arrow_down:

Are you telling us how to install install :thinking:

Ah, you’re asking us a question. :bulb:

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Please edit your topic title to be clear and concise about the actual issue and edit your first post to give us more details. What games? Are you using Steam, Lutris, Heroic Launcher, etc.?

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