How to install left 4 dead 2 on manjaro?

i wanted to install left 4 dead 2 on manjaro without using steam, i just new to linux community can someone help me what are the step by step procedure?

Hi. Basically, you have two options: either to install official version from Steam, which requires Steam to be installed on the system obviously, or you can find some unofficial repack on trackers, which usually doesn’t require Steam at all. The exact installation procedure depends on the repack itself.

If your thread is about how to play pirated Steam games then it will be soon closed.

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On PC, Left 4 Dead 2 is only available on the Microsoft Store and Steam. You cannot use the Microsoft Store on Linux, so you’ll have to install via Steam.

If you’re trying to get it somewhere else, you’re probably pirating which is against the rules here.

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It’s all very moot regardless, nobody is going to pack, upload and seed the LINUX BUILD of a 12 year old game where the primary attraction is the multiplayer…

The step by step procedure for playing left 4 dead 2 on steam is as follows.

  1. Purchase a game license.
  2. Press install.
  3. Press play.
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