How to install league of legends in manjaro?

Hi. I just downloaded manjaro xfce a week ago. I tried downloading lol from snapcraft through wine but it just didn’t work. Then I tried downloading it with add/remove software and lutris too but the game was not opnning for some reason. I thought, I should probably delete everything and try again but I could even delete it ;-;
So, I did a factory reset a while ago. It’s fresh right now. I downloaded lutris, zenity, openssl, dialog already. what do I do next? plis help :’)

There are lot of guides available on how to install league of legends on manjaro, try following those:


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How to Install League of Legends on Linux (Manjaro / Arch Linux) - YouTube

[Tutorial] Installing/troubleshotting league of legends on Arch Linux/other linux distro via lutris - YouTube

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

did it work? because i tried lutris but it didnt work. when i started league of legends there is no screen.

i have also problems with League of legends i used lutris-git, manual installs guides,
unfortunatly it seems lutris borked on some trend games. Also on ubuntu 22.04 lts i cant make lutris work with games and league of legends. İ recommend play something more native like cs:go
or boot windows for gaming.