How to install krait in manjaro? using .deb or .rpm file?

Hello, I’m starting to use manjaro, but for work I need to install this package called Krait.

They distribute it in .deb or .rpm packages, also a portable file according to the developer.
But none of them open for me, the .deb and .rpm packages look for how to install it by creating the PKGBUILD but it installs but does not open.
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or if you can give me more information about it, that I’m overlooking.

Sorry for the English, it is not my first language and I am helping myself with Google Translate

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Download the .tar.gz from the Releases page, extract it somewhere and run it.

deb and rpms arent what you will be using on manjaro. deb is for debian based and rpm is for fedora i think? i cant remember. but youll be looking for a tarball or something from the AUR usually since youre on a arch based distro