How to install keepsolid VPN?

I switched over to manjaro and I have a subscription to KEEPSOLID VPN.

I looked at the instructions on the website on how to install on linux.

I tried all the commands, but I just cant get it installed onto manjaro.

would I just need to go back to Linux Mint?

That is up to you …
You can install this AUR package AUR (en) - vpn-unlimited
pamac build vpn-unlimited

Is a ready made PKGBUILD for the KeepSolid VPN service …

Bear in mind the Mint and Manjaro are 2 completely different distributions and the command for mint won’t necessarily work on Manjaro.

That said, look at what @bogdancovaciu showed you.

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The minimum system requirement for installing a VPN application on your Linux device is Debian 10, Ubuntu 18.04, LinuxMint 19.3, MX Linux 19.3, or Zorin OS 15.3.

While that is not technically true of the software itself … it is true of both their packaging format (.deb) and their posted instructions - which overwhelmingly consists of commands only suitable to Debian-based Linux Distributions (Mint,Ubuntu,etc).

If you want to continue using Manjaro you should take some time to get familiar with how some things work - including software management in general.

Here is the wiki:

And here is something a lot of debuntu people find useful: