How to install keepsolid VPN?

I switched over to manjaro and I have a subscription to KEEPSOLID VPN.

I looked at the instructions on the website on how to install on linux.

I tried all the commands, but I just cant get it installed onto manjaro.

would I just need to go back to Linux Mint?

That is up to you …
You can install this AUR package AUR (en) - vpn-unlimited
pamac build vpn-unlimited

Is a ready made PKGBUILD for the KeepSolid VPN service …

Bear in mind the Mint and Manjaro are 2 completely different distributions and the command for mint won’t necessarily work on Manjaro.

That said, look at what @bogdancovaciu showed you.

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The minimum system requirement for installing a VPN application on your Linux device is Debian 10, Ubuntu 18.04, LinuxMint 19.3, MX Linux 19.3, or Zorin OS 15.3.

While that is not technically true of the software itself … it is true of both their packaging format (.deb) and their posted instructions - which overwhelmingly consists of commands only suitable to Debian-based Linux Distributions (Mint,Ubuntu,etc).

If you want to continue using Manjaro you should take some time to get familiar with how some things work - including software management in general.

Here is the wiki:

And here is something a lot of debuntu people find useful:

Sorry for the necromancy and for bringing this up again. The aur unlimited VPN package is currently broken with some symbol lookup error. Sadly the maintainer is in a red zone at the moment and is in no condition to do anything about. However, I opened a support ticket with upstream and received some directions for now:

Support reply

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the inconvenience you had with the service.

The fact is Arch Linux is not an officially supported OS version by our software for now. This is obviously the root of the issue.

As for a possible workaround -
As a suggestion, you can try to use a VPN browser extension instead.

Depending on your browser model, you can choose and install the appropriate browser extension:

Also, you can try to manually create VPN configurations instead of using the app or browser plugin.

You can create VPN configuration files in your User Office. This guide will help you to figure this out:

And here you can find detailed manuals on how to set up the VPN via different protocols on Linux:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

In the meantime,
Our Technical department has added Linux Arch to our development plans and it will be taken into consideration in future updates of the service

About the idea of having an official arch package, that’s uncertain, as they just added the suggestion to their wish list.

EDIT: The symbol error is related to OpenSSL as Arch now defaults to OpenSSL 3. You can patch the vpn-unlimited daemon by following the steps outlined here: Vpn unlimited not working after update [SOLVED]