How to install Hotspot Shield Vpn in Manjaro?

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I want to install Hotspot Shield (HS) in my Manjaro PC.

HS has deb and rpm packages, but that is not good for Manjaro.

Is there a way to install HS in Manjaro also ?

[philip@Acer ~]$ lsb_release -a
LSB Version:	n/a
Distributor ID:	ManjaroLinux
Description:	Manjaro Linux
Release:	20.2
Codename:	Nibia

Hotspot shield is not in the AUR and I cant find the source code which leaves you the dirty way…debtap
Do so at your own risk!!

I took a look at this VPN provider. I found the same as @chomsky.

In my humble opinion… any VPN provider that requires you to use its own software, doesn’t make the source available and doesn’t provide simple openvpn or wireguard scripts isn’t a very good one.

So of course my suggestion would be to swap providers. Not an elegant solution though.


Yeah I now all that to, but HS is a very fast VPN provider and has been around along time, so I trust them just as much the others out there.

I use mullvad now with wireguard and I think it’s very slow, so i would like some fast vpn provider for my manjaro pc and the same for my android phone.

Comparing one closed source providers speed to one single other provider (using a different framework) does not equate to “if I want speed I need to use this particular proprietary service and its software”.

Meaning ?

I also use Mullvad and I hardly notice any speed difference, maybe -5%

Meaning that your previous comment was intended as a justification for the use of HS, while it substantively fails to actually do that.

“My bike is broken, which is why I know that skateboards are the universally quickest mode of travel.”

Oh ok, have not think about it that way. Very deep and philosophically.

So, which vpn service should you use that is good in speed and has a good client for manjaro?

Maybe it is the client that slows down the service ?

We dont really do product recommendations here.
And VPNs, like many things, have a number of factors to weigh.
From price, to security, to location, etc.
One of my favorite ways to start making a comparison though would probably be this:

(edit - oh wow … looks like they partnered up and this is a new location … charts still seem good)


Thanks for that website, very much information about vpn’s there.

They might as well change the name to Honeypot VPN

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Why is that ? :slight_smile:

Well according to that VPN comparison link they look pretty shady if you ask me plus the fact that they dont disclose the source code. I would steer clear of them.