How to install Google Chrome binaries?

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Is it possible to install Google Chrome as pre-built binaries?
There is a quite old laptop, and it takes hours to compile on it. It gets so hot that I am afraid it will melt down some day. Something like DEB/RPM binary packages?


pamac build google-chrome

This way it builds it from source code. My question is how to download and install pre-built binaries?

I don’t think so : if you look at the pkgbuild file (PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories) line 34, it downloads a .deb file …
So give it a try !


Google Chrome is proprietary, the source code is not available. The google-chrome AUR package uses a binary source. All it does is unpack the .deb.

It sounds like you were trying to build another package that actually does build from source code.

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Thank you, guys! I will give it a try.

I know for sure that I installed it from AUR long time ago, and now each time I update it, it builds something from source code, and it takes incredibly long time. I see the compilation happening file by file, with warnings and all the usual stuff.

I will try to remove everything and re-install from scratch.

You probably installed chromium and not Google Chrome.

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What command are you running? Please post the output here using preformatted text. If it tries to build whatever takes a long time, you can cancel it at that point.

I will look at it tonight and post the command tomorrow. Thanks.

If it tries to build whatever takes a long time, you can cancel it at that point.

That’s exactly what I do after a long wait. As a result, Google Chrome has not been updated for a year.

No, then you’re not installing Google Chrome but something else. Google Chrome is not open source, you can’t compile it.

My bad, you are all absolutely right, sorry.
Usually I just run “pamac update”. It turned out that the issue was caused by AUR “ceph-libs”.
Btw, I’ve found complains from other users saying that this package takes hours to build and can even ruin your system.

I’ve removed it, everything is alright.
Thanks, guys, appreciate your help! :heart:

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