How to install "glibc-static" in manjaro xfce

Hi, I’m trying to make a kernel debug environment which will need a static build of busybox.

However it returns an error of “cannot find -lcrypt”. So I googled and it told me to install “glibc-static” to support a static build.

However it cannot be found through pacman, and I do not really know the right way of installing it.

Thus I’m asking what I should do about that and why it is not supported by arch.


AFAIK Arch strips the debug symbols from all binaries. If you need static library with debug symbols then is supposed that you know how to compile your own packages with ABS.

Hi thanks a lot!! Can I further ask if there is a method for me to install static glibc library so that I can compile busybox on my computer…

Absolutely you can ask, but that is all i know about this subject, so you will have to wait that someone with more knowledge will respond and give you advice. :slight_smile:

Still very thank you… I’m trying to do it on a docker container…