How to install Flatpakref

Hi there! first i would like to thank all for the support i got so far. manjaro rocks! to my opinion, the best distro i used so far! i have a new question. i tried to install vuescan scanning software from the repository but it failed. then i downloaded a flatpkref file directly from vuescan site. does anyone know how to install it? i’ve found something in the net but didn’t understand a thing… that’s the usual problem with my limited capacity…
thank you on advance,

Hi! :wave:
Manjaro supports flatpacks check this out how to get started:

thanks a lot! i’ll look into it later.

If you downloaded the flatpakref, you can install it with flatpak install --from com.hamrick.VueScan.flatpakref (The last part is the downloaded file.)


i managed to install the vuescan flatpak from the software installer but there is no support for V550. is there any solution?

I don’t know what V550 is, so I can’t help. But you’re using a proprietary software so there should be some support that you could ask.

epson perfection v550 flatbed scanner. on epson’s site they claim no linux suppot. i swear i used this scanner a few weeks ago on ubuntu.
my computer is dual boot. i do have windows that i don’t like to use. i guess i’ll have to, at least for scanning my gigantic film photo repository.
thanks for the assistance!

epson has deb, rpm and source code to download. i just don’t know how to use source code. i have a friend that knows for sure. he will instruct me. thanks!