How to install .exe file with double click default installer wine

I’m using manjaro gnome & i recently installed wine but whenever i want to install any exe file i have to write command wine *.exe and then installer started is there any option to do this without opening terminal just like windows double click on *.exe file then installer started

You can modify the launchers for those applications by changing their command line, like so… :arrow_down:

wine <name-of-program-here>

Other than that, please understand that GNU/Linux is not Microsoft Windows, and that it was also never intended to be a substitute for Microsoft Windows. It was intended as an alternative to proprietary UNIX versions, and UNIX works differently.

Microsoft Windows regards a file as executable if it has a certain three-character filename suffix. UNIX considers a file executable if it has the execute permission set in the filesystem, and for the user who is trying to execute it.

In the long run, you will be much better off using native GNU/Linux applications than sticking to your Windows applications. With a few minor exceptions, there is a native GNU/Linux application for everything you used to do or still do in Microsoft Windows, and then some.


Thank you so much for your reply , yes your right i for a second i forgot this is linux , my pc spec’s are very low sometimes it lags because of more operation , i just want if there are many processes happening on screen & in addition we have to run wine with command and the backend process of wine is running on terminal so that’s why i asked such question

Beware that running a Windows application on Wine requires more resources than running it natively on Windows… or running a Linux application natively on Linux.

As @Aragorn pointed out, many Windows applications have (at least) an equivalent on Linux. It should be worth checking them out.


By default, on KDE, it opens EXE files with WINE, at least on my computer. Dolphin asks mo what I want to do when I double click the EXE file (Execute or Cancel). I verified the EXE doesn’t even have the executable bit set.

It doesn’t need to, because it’s not an ELF executable. wine is the executable, and the .exe file is its payload. :wink:

And I think this is why it just works when you double click an EXE, the file /usr/share/applications/wine.desktop contains that MimeType=application/x-ms-dos-executable;application/x-msi;application/x-ms-shortcut;

This is part of the WINE package so if it doesn’t work on your side I don’t know why, it should.

Maybe check your file manager if it doesn’t block something when you double click.