How to install .deb or .rpm softwares if software is not available at AUR

I want to install RStudio for linux in Manjaro for data recovery and Rstudio supports ubuntu/debian/redhat/centos so how can I install in manjaro and even is that possible to install?

Rstudio for linux

R-Studio is in the AUR:

It has been out-of-date for a while though.

it is not installling

There’s a post in the pinned comments on the aur telling you how to force it to install

Make your own, doesn’t have to be pushed to AUR, it can be local.

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Well, the checksum is different as the version is now 4.10 build 4043. So you can download the PKGBUILD from the AUR and run updpkgsums followed by makepkg -si. Make sure you have base-devel group installed on your system.

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Is there [How to ] guide for this

Follow this Arch wiki guide:

When you have the build files, change the version number to the correct one and run updpkgsums in the folder with the PKGBUILD. This will update the checksums of the source files it needs.

Then follow the guide again for building and installing the package.

  1. Run this command:
git clone
  1. Then go to the folder created and open a terminal there (command cd ./r-studio-for-linux-bin also works.

  2. Run this command:

makepkg -si --skipinteg

After it is done building, it should prompt you to install.

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