How to install ".deb (and etc)" files?

I want to install an application. Find a file, and read installing stages. But article about Ubuntu installation stages. How to adapt it?

exp: $ sudo dpkg -i Ramme_3.0.3_amd64.deb

You dont.
At least not if you dont have to.
And you have even less reason to use dpkg.

In this case … I dont think I see an equivalent in the repos/aur … but I will reserve that until I know more what this thing is and why you want it etc.

I heavily stress you become more familiar with your manjaro system and managing software, etc.
As this question demonstrates you do not fully grasp these yet.

If you absolutely must use a deb, and it is not somehow unpackable, etc … then you may use a tool like debtap with caution.


This one looks like it has been dropped from the AUR. The last version, 3.2.5, seems to have been in July 2018. I see a PKGBUILD and no project page. PKGBUILD can be found here:

The package system is different - thus you cannot use other packages directly.

You can unpack the file - and manually copy the files to the correct locations.

Heed the warning: Be prepared for the pacman - it gets pretty annoyed when someone dumps files in system locations without it’s knowledge.


these files not runs :frowning: i can’t install it. please can you try for me?


I do not want the above on my computer. Copy the PKGBUILD to a text file named PKGBUILD (with no extension)
in terminal cd to the folder where you have placed the PKGBUILD and
run makepkg -csi

The package is no longer in the AUR for a reason. The source repo is archived and is no longer maintained. Also it’s a poorly written PKGBUILD and does not even need the electron dependency as the package already contains it’s own bundled version. Also it most likely is not compatible with any maintained versions of Electron since the last release was from 2018.

I would not bother with it. It will be a better experience and more secure to visit Instagram in your web browser.

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