How to Install Crossover?

Need to install Crossover so I can run some windows programs, Quicken primarily. The Crossover website provides 3 versions of linux to choose from: deb rpm and bin. I guessed I would need bin so I downloaded it. Now, how do I install it? I am an Arch newbie.


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Do you actually need Quicken? There are free alternatives.

Crossover is in the AUR: AUR (en) - crossover , so you can install it with pamac build crossover.
(Or any other AUR helper like paru or yay.)

However, from my understanding, crossover is a paid proprietary software (copy of wine?). Which means, they must have some sort of support channel.

Is crossover (version 21.0.0-1) not also to be found in the community packages?

Yes, it is in our repos. No need to build it from AUR.

Just use one of these commands: sudo pacman -Syu crossover or pamac install crossover

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This isn’t Windows, no need to go searching for software on various websites. Always search Add/Remove Software first.

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