How to install Brother MFC Linux Driver install tool

I have just downloaded the Brother MFC-L6900DW Linux Driver Install Tool. It comes in a Linux rpm and debian version (both files seem to be identical, downloading gets you linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.1-1, a 24.1kB file).
What do I do next?
Double-clicking the file shows me the program in Ark.
I am brand new to linux, so how do I install the "Driver install tool"?

You are probably better off looking for a driver in AUR.

=> yay -Ss L6900DW
aur/brother-mfcl6900dw-lpr-bin 3.2.0-1 (+0 0.00%) 
    LPR driver for Brother MFC-L6900DW printer
aur/brother-mfcl6900dw-cups-bin 3.2.0-1 (+0 0.00%) 
    CUPS wrapper for Brother MFC-L6900DW printer

You can install with

sudo yay -Sy package-name

Others might have better advice. :man_shrugging:

Please dont use yay like that.
First, you dont need sudo.
Second, it seems you are updating the package database without upgrading, while installing an AUR package. This would be considered a partial upgrade.

you can do yay package and just follow the prompts.
or yay -S package to install it directly.
Generally you should make sure you are up to date before installing AUR packages so you could first
sudo pacman -Syu
Or you could do what I think you intended:
yay -Syu package
which will update database if necessary, update packages if necessary, then install the AUR package.


Have a look here>

Thanks for the prompt responses.
I was able to figure out that AUR stands for archlinux user depository and I found the 2 files that @flibby.jibbit mentioned.
How do I download the actual files?
Clicking on the file links there is a Git Clone URL, Package Base bin file, an Upstream URL, then sources at Brother, then Package Actions including View PKGBuild/View Changes, Download snapshot, ...
I clicked all those links and nothing downloaded in Firefox or Chromium.
Then I figured out that maybe I have to register to download something and during the registration it asks me to provide the output of some command (LC_ALL=C pacman -V|sed -r 's#[0-9]+#a88#g'|md5sum|cut -c1-6).
I have no idea what the command does and don't think it is a good idea to run something that I don't understand and that could be malicious.
So I am stuck.

Thanks for the corrections. :smile: Was going from memory. :+1:

So I bit the bullet, ran the command and I am registered.
I downloaded the "Snapshot", which got me a bin file with a PKGBUILD in it.
Running that in terminal just gave me a bunch of error messages.
It's almost 2020 and installing a printer in Linux is still a nightmare. The same printer took 2 minutes in Windows 10 and MacOS Catalina but it is still obtuse in Linux.
Very sad.

yay is just an aur helper. you must have it installed first. or you can use any other helper. you dont need to be registered or anything. read this:

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Thanks @cscs.
So, I went into the Manjaro Application Utility and under Preferences enabled AUR support (and also checked "Check for updates from AUR").
I read the wiki AUR page but couldn't make much heads or tails out of it.
Now that I have enabled AUR support in the application utility, do I reboot?
What is the next step in trying to install the printer drivers?

In the same application in which you enabled AUR support, search for L6900DW. The results should be the same two packages that I found with yay. Click the Build button for the CUPS wrapper and possibly the LPR driver (I don't know if you need the LPR driver :man_shrugging:), then click the Apply button.

Thanks @flibby.jibbit
I installed both programs.
What do I do next?
When I go to System Settings->Printers and click to install a new printer it gives me a "Select a Printer to Add" window with:
Manual URI
Local Printers-CUPS-PDF
Other Network Printers with 6 options (3 times internet printing protocol (https ipps, ipp)), LPD/LPR host or printer, AppSocket/HP JetDirect and Windows Printer via SAMBA.

When I select LPD/LPR Host or Printer it gives me the old Brother options (but not the MFC L6900DW).

How do I apply the drivers/programs downloaded from AUR after installing them?
I do not see them under Start-Applications-System or Settings or Utilities.
Still stumped.

Are you trying to add a USB or networked printer? I have never been able to get a networked MFC device working correctly, so I just use USB. When I add a new printer, it shows right up. :man_shrugging: Sorry I can't be more help than that. I guess my use-cases are pretty rudimentary.

EDIT: By "networked MFC device", I mean printing and scanning. I think I was able to get my MFC-J870DW to print on the network, but not scan. I use it for scanning more than printing, which is why I went USB.

EDIT 2: Changed "wireless" to "networked".

It is wired with fixed IP

I have not figured out how to use the AUR installed programs/drivers.

Oops. When I said wireless, I meant networked. I have not had success with that. So sorry. :frowning_face:

Have you seen this page: ?

For setting up my Brother printer I did the following.
But be warned, I cannot help if anything breaks.

  1. Install your brother driver from AUR
  2. extract .ppd file from either rpm or debian file (it's inside, somewhere)
  3. http://localhost:631/admin login to CUPS with your admin login
  4. add printer to CUPS via loading the .pdd-file
  5. change the printer settings inside CUPS you wish to have as default in each printing dialogue

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