how to install brother mfc L2700DW printer on Manjaro

Hi, I'm trying to install my Brother MFC L2700DW printer on my desktop via Manjaro 18.04 with XFCE. I've looked at similar questions on this forum and elsewhere and I'm not really clear what works. The printer is attached via USB. Can you please point me to good step by step instructions for installing drivers and print and scan capability. I'm not very sophisticated at this, so please keep it simple. Thanks so much!

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Also make sure you double check the printer model. AFAIK there are Brother MFC L2700dw and Brother MFC L2700dn but no such thing as Brother MFC L2700dl ...

Good, you find out the correct model.
From terminal run this command:
pamac build brother-mfc-l2700dw
or do it from GUI and search in AUR for that package and install it.
Also read comments from the package page, just in case

Once you have installed the driver, reboot and then use CUPS to add the printer ...

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Thanks bogdancovaciu. I installed the driver, didn't realize that CUPS would find it. That part was easy. But when I try to print, all I get out of the printer are blank pages, and they keep coming until I cancel the print job! Nothing on the package page helps.

What next?

When you access via browser this address http://localhost:631/printers/
is your printed listed there?

If not, then on browser go to: http://localhost:631/

Click CUPS for Administrators → Adding Printers and Classes → Add printer → Brother MFC-L2700DW was found on Discovered Network Printers→ prompt to enter User ID and password → prompt to select printer. → Add printer screen, enter human readable Name, Description, Location, click Share this printer, click continue → Brother MFC-L2700DW

[quote="bogdancovaciu, post:5, topic:95382"]
When you access via browser this address http://localhost:631/printers/
is your printed listed there?
[/quote] Yes it is

Yes the printer is listed there, but it still prints nothing but multiple blank pages. Any idea what the problem is?

I've got it working now. There were two printers listed in the print dialogue box. One of them was for the drivers with CUPS which worked. The other was for drivers without CUPS, which was giving me the blank pages. I deleted the non-CUPS drivers.

To get the scanner working I installed SANE, brscan4, brscan-sky. Not sure if all were needed but it's working. Also gscan2pdf, which I like because it has a good gui and can create PDFs.

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