How to install an audio/MIDI interface?


I have a Tascam US-144 MKII which is an usb 2.0 audio/midi interface.

I am wondering if it is supported by Manjaro and if yes how can I install it ?


It will most likely not work since it is not class compliant.

An Archlinux user posted about getting one of these working for ALSA and JACK
Tascam US-122Mkii Not supported-True? - LinuxMusicians
based on this article - Using the Tascam US-144MKII with Linux

Forcing the USB connection to use USB1.1 (uhci or ohci) instead of USB2.0 (ehci) or USB3.0 (xhci) might be tricky depending on system hardware

Blacklisting the usb_driver may or may not be needed, but if you have any other USB devices they will be affected by the driver blacklist

Adding the ~/.asoundrc for ALSA will override Manjaro default ALSA settings to use PulseAudio as default for playback and capture for ALSA. The Tascam device might be the only audio device available