How to install additional locales and languages?

I would like to add more languages to my current Manjaro installation. I thought this could be done in the Settings, but there I only have two options:


Locales (formats):

I was looking for “language packs”, in pacman, and the forum; but no luck. I’d like to install French.

Hi @mvaled78,

Try installing the hunspell-fr package:

pamac install hunspell-fr

(No, I don’t remember how I heard of hunspell. It is, however, how I have my Afrikaans dictionary installed.)

I don’t know how to, or where to install locales for Gnome, though. Perhaps Gnome-tweaks?


I’ve also got libreoffice-fresh-af installed for libreoffice, so you can install the French one from the extra repository:

$ pamac search libreoffice-fresh-fr
libreoffice-fresh-fr  7.6.2-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                           extra
French language pack for LibreOffice Fresh

It can be installed using:

pamac install libreoffice-fresh-fr

This looks like gnome, but at least on xfce, the locales are in the Manjaro Settings Manager.

OH yeah! Forgots 'bout this. For @mvaled78:

manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_locale

Also language packs:

manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_language_packages

Manjaro Settings Manager - Language - Manjaro Wiki


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