How to install a package from Manjaro USB?

After doing a full installation of manjaro-kde-23.1.2-240102-linux66.iso (the full version not the minimal) and booting into the Plasma desktop, I have no network and I cannot install linux-firmware-marvell from the internet.
However, I am assuming this package is inside the Manjaro USB but when I mounted the USB it only has

  • boot
  • efi
  • manjaro

folders with no packages.

So, my question is how to install packages from Manjaro USB?

Does the live manjaro itself provide network access ?

Yes → chroot and install additional packages from there with pamac or pacman
No → :man_shrugging:


You can’t. The iso doesn’t contain packages.

But you can use your Smartphone with USB-Tethering to get network access.


No I am not using Manjaro Live. I did the formatting and the actual installation. Now I have booted from the hard drive and I have logged into the Plasma desktop.
I inserted the same Manjaro USB and it got mounted at

I see this

but no packages. There must be some packages because I just installed Manjaro from this USB. Can you show me how to find the packages so that I can install the missing drivers?

No, Manjaro Live provides no network access.

There are no packages. The iso contains prepared filesystems that will be copied to your partitions. The installer does not install packages, like you might know for other Distributions like Debian or Ubuntu.

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