How to install a game engine for xboard chess?

I installed the xboard chess game on my pinephone using the discover app and it scales and plays well but i want to play the computer and i don’t know the procedure for adding a game engine. It says that there is none installed when I try to play the computer.
I am using the newest pinephone with the dock and stock os

You can install gnuchess (which is a game engine).

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I have no experience with the Pinephone, but gnuchess is available on ARM, and it’s in the repo.

One word of caution, though: it plays at grandmaster level.

Thank you.
Would I use?
pamac install gnuchess
pacman -S gnuchess

Either command will do, but if you’re going to use pacman then you must prefix it with sudo. pacman needs to be run with root privileges for installing or removing packages. pamac will prompt you for a password itself when needed.


Thanks all working
I started the terminal and used

sudo pacman -S gnuchess

entered my root password when prompted and it installed.
xboard chess game used the gnuchess engine without any fuss and the GNOME Chess game now works with the gnuchess engine also.

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