How to increase font size in LibreOfficeDev using a generic VCL

Hi, everybody,

I am using Mabox (GTK+Openbox Manjaro).

I have to use LibreOfficeDev (libreoffice-dev-bin package, downloaded from the AUR using yay) with a generic VCL plugin. I mean that I start the application using

SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen /path/to/soffice

I must use that VCL plugin because the developer tags for every string in UI will show only that way (some limitations with gtk3 or kde and gettext that I am far away).

So, in order to read the small font that it shows in my high DPI display, I know that I have to use some key-value pair in ~/.Xresources file (and merge it using xrdb), but then there comes the problem.

I do not know which pair to use. I have tried:

soffice.bin.font: DejaVu regular 12 (just a random example for the font name and size), or

soffice.font: DejaVu regular 12, or

libreofficedev7.6.font: DejaVu regular 12

So, can someone guide me with this issue, please?

NOTE: I do not want to increase the size of ALL applications using:

Xft.dpi: 96

…because it will break my layout/setup for the rest of my GTK-applications.

Well, I finally found out.

It’s better to start the program from the command-line, using some environmental variables:

SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen SAL_FORCEDPI=144 /opt/libreofficedev7.6/program/soffice

You can experiment with DPI value.

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