How to import Wireguard VPN connection?

As VPN, I use Wireguard on a Raspberry Pi (PiVPN), where i created a profile as *.conf file. But how or where can I import this configuration in Manjaro Gnome? There seems to be no Wireguard Client available in the standard repository…

This post might help you out:

It has an example how to import the .conf file

You can use the CLI:

sudo nmcli connection import type wireguard file <config_filename>

It seems to be working, except for the for the Extension. At least the traffic is no routed via PiVPN, I can see all the Blocks and so on. But in the indicator Extension, nothing is displayed as active, nor can i disable/enable a tunnel. But thats ok, i can use the command line.

I could be mistaken, but I thought wg-quick actually handles everything for you (the routing) while nmcli works differently and still requires you to configure stuff like routing.