How to import passwords from Chromium to Firefox?

I switched from Chrome to Firefox, but on Manjaro / Arch there is only the option to import Bookmarks, Cookies and History from another browser.
Strangely on MacOS / Windows there is an option to import passwords too.
Tried to Export / Import from file, but Chrome / Chromium exports as csv and Firefox only from json files. :roll_eyes:

How can this be solved?

Thanks pappl

Firefox support would be better for this. They have articles about:

for Passwords, you could use one of their addons

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I would also suggest that you try something like Bitwarden for websites/login details. That way, you can log in to Bitwarden and access bookmarks/login details on any device/any browser.

You can simply import and export bookmarks (maybe save to a cloud folder like Dropbox or something) using the bookmark managers… I use Dropbox, so that if I go to my wife’s laptop I can log in on my son’s account, open his Firefox or Chrome, and import bookmarks from Dropbox (could use a USB I guess).

Yeah, saving passwords in browser is a bad bad idea.