How to ignore an update in pamac?

An odd situation I haven’t encountered before ~

I wanted to install a small item (murrine) but don’t want to download the large onlyoffice update.
I selected to ignore onlyoffice in the updates tab, but when I try to install murrine (1 transaction) &click apply: then pamac syncs & forces onlyoffice as well.

So how can I download software by request & also ignore updates?

Screenshot from 2022-04-02 21-41-37

Ignoring updates counts as partial updates. Manjaro does not support partial updates and as such Manjaros package manager (Pamac) will always update when you install software to keep the system up to date.

If you really want to install the package, without updating, you can run:

sudo pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine

in a terminal.

But again. This is not supported, although the onlyoffice update is not a critical package at all, so it should be fine.

Thanks, good to know.
I have limited bandwidth & running low this month.

The month has just started.

Are you sure a rolling release is a good idea for you?

:grinning: Well, It renews on the 12th, so 10 days.
Normally I have about 20% left unused, but this time I downloaded a lot of distros to try out… the good news is I’m now even more sure Manjaro Gnome is the best!

Anyway, this situation is temporary until permanent internet is installed; I recently moved country.

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