How to hold back Nvidia drivers from software update?

Hey is it possible to hold back the Nvidia drivers from a software update? A recent new Nvidia driver (535.113) on my system has reduced performance by about 30% in games and Gnome desktop graphics, broken VRR, introduced tearing, and doesn’t seem to support high refresh rates. The previous driver (535.104) runs very well.

I’m running an dual graphics AMD Ryzen / NVidia RTX laptop.

So I’ve used the Pamac software GUI to hold back the following updates:

Even so, it gives me this error mentioning dependencies that are blocked anyway…

- unable to satisfy dependency 'nvidia-utils=535.113.01' required by linux61-nvidia

Short answer? You don’t. That would put you in an unsupported, partial upgrade state. If you figure out how to do it, you’re on your own.

FYI, I read NVIDIA has already fixed the VRR stuff, but it didn’t make it in time for the 535 series. It will be instead included in the 545 series coming along soon :tm:.

Thanks for your response Yochanan. I guess I’ll avoid updating anything until the 545 series hit and then try that.

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