How to hide system folders on NTFS partitions in Linux?

I use multiple HDDs with NTFS partitions for my data, because I still use Windows and of course need to access my data also from Windows.

My question is how to hide these ugly system files and folders in Linux, particularly in Krusader (Krusader seems to be the best file manager on Linux, which I found so far).

According to my Google search, I tried to create a file .hidden and added there some of the system folders like

System Volume Information

But alas, it doesn’t have the desired effect. When I toggle the “Show Hidden Files” in Krusader, it only hides the file .hidden, but nothing else. Is it a bug in Krusader or should I specify something else in the .hidden file?

Other than deleting the folders - which could - and probably will - turn out to be a very bad idea - there is no way - at least to my knowledge - of hiding those folders.

Windows uses a file attribute to hide files (and folders), whereas Linux uses its name : by convention, all files starting with a point is considered hidden.
So, in order to hide Windows system files on Linux, you would need to rename them… which is likely a terrible idea.

I just noticed the .hidden file works perfectly fine in the Manjaro’s default File manager (is it called just “Files”?) and enables to hide everything specified in content of the .hidden file.

It seems it’s just the Krusader, which ignores the content of the .hidden file. Probably, it could be a nice feature request for Krusader?

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It seems indeed that nautilus (GNOME) has included this feature for years, and that thunar (Xfce) and dolphin (KDE) may have integrated it too.
Although this is still file browser specific, and thus currently not standard.

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