How to hide sleep button and add hybrid sleep button to login screen?

Recently, I made it clear to myself that it is impossible to adequately set sleep mode on my laptop, so I decided to create a swap file and activate hibernation mode. Now I use hybrid sleep, but there is one thing that I would like to fix. There is a sleep button on the login screen which, as stated earlier, does not work on my laptop. Is there any possibility to replace this button with a hybrid sleep button, or just change system-wide sleep to hybrid sleep?

You could probably change the Main.qml in the SSDM theme you are using. I would copy the theme before making any changes. You should find the theme files in usr/share/sddm/themes.

Here is some info in the SSDM documentation that you might find relevant to theming and changing the bottom from sleep to hybrid sleep. Not sure if this will work or not though.

This worked for me but SSDM only handles the login screen. If you want to change the behavior in the lock screen you need to change /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/**your-theme-here**/contents/lockscreen/LockScreenUi.qml.