How to hide .desktop extension in Thunar?

Hi, I am using Manjaro XFCE on Raspberry Pi 400 and after the last update the Thunar started showing filename extensions like .pdf .mov, etc. everywhere. How can I turn it off please? I don’t see such option anywhere in Thunar settings. Thanks!

CORRECTION: The issue is about .desktop extensions only.

In Linux, “extensions” are simply part of the file name and have no special meaning like in Windows. In Windows, there is a distinction between file names and their extensions. :man_shrugging:

This means that there is no reliable way for a file manager to hide the file extension.

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I have no experience with Thunar, but I would be properly surprised if it ever had such an option.

The concept of a filename extension as an indicator of what type of file it is is specific to Windows ─ it’s a legacy from the days of DOS. UNIX systems determine the file type by reading the so-called magic bytes at the start of the file, and therefore what you refer to as a filename extension is simply considered part of the filename in UNIX.


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@Wollie @Aragorn My point is that the extensions were not shown until I installed the latest Manjaro update. Files are now shown as “Hello.desktop”, “Install.pdf”, “” in Thunar. Before it was simply “Hello”, “Install” and “Movie”.

You seem to be pretty sure about that.
However, I agree with the previous answers.

I, too, can’t recall it ever being that way.

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Yes, I am pretty sure. I have a video and even an ISO of Manjaro behaving that way before the latest update.

interesting :wink:
I’d like to play with that.
Which version is it?
I’m sure one can still get it to test for that - and how that might have been done there.

Correction: Looking to my video again, the only difference is in showing .desktop extension only. My apologies.

Before: I created a Launcher on desktop and named it eg. “Launcher”. It showed as “Launcher” on desktop and when moved to a folder, it showed as “Launcher”, still.

After the update: The “Launcher” file is showed as “Launcher.desktop” in that folder now.

The name you give it when creating that launcher is what is shown.
Internally, it is a file with the .desktop extension.
You will see that when you open that file (using an editor) and look what’s inside it.

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Should be related to such commit: Fix confusing behaviour when working with .desktop files (Issue #56) (!41) · Merge Requests · Xfce / thunar · GitLab

which is about " Show full filename/extention for .desktop files"


That must be it. Thanks!

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