How to have new applications open to the right in the panel

Hi there. I noticed with Manjaro XFCE when i open a 2nd application it will show up to the left of the first one opened in the panel. When i say panel i mean the bar at the bottom which you click on to switch between apps. I constantly get confused because im used to other linux distros and windows having the new one open to the right.

I tried looking at options and there was nothing to change that. any help would be appreciated.

Using version 20.2.1

I am not in XFCE so this is from memory, is it not Go to your Settings → Panel → ‘Item’ tab > Window Buttons > Sort order

Many thanks. you were spot on. i had to change it from “group title” to “timestamp”. If anyone has problems with finding window buttons just double click where it says “window buttons” to open the menu.

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