How to grab files from cache?

In windows i use mzcacheview to take files and images from cache of firefox. Linux have similar programs?

I don’t know that program nor what it does for you.
I don’t know of any program that specifically does that
and what the use case would be.
The file manager
any file manager
can - of course - access every file and directory.

no, cache in file manager not show sorted list of link of files.
i need some like this:

but in linux

/home/ben/.cache/mozilla/firefox/ you can find the folders of cached files, then in .config/mozilla/firefox you can find the sql history.

You can download those .exe files and run them with Wine, then try to point them at your cache folders - if you can work out the path.

Who are you spying on?

ok.i’ll try this variant. i’m not spying )), i just copy pictures from browser-game from cache to edit them.

Yes, this should be doable using wine. The arch wiki may be a good starting place if you are new to wine:- Wine - ArchWiki
I was able to right click the .exe and it installed and ran straight away!
To be able to see the cache though I had to use the ‘ln -s’ command to ensure the cache folder was seen via a sim link in my home folder.
Also, if you are unable to get to the vids that way, you can always use a firefox extension for media downloading

ok, i’ll try this too. thanks

but it does - it sure does for me

the cache is in:

point your filemanager there and you will get a similar overview with icons and file-type and so on

Not exactly the same as the dedicated program you referenced.

Maybe some such thing exists foe linux.

If someone saw a good use case for this, someone would have created such a program.
Maybe it exists - maybe not.

Others pointed at running that program through wine and use it’s features that way.

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Lolz wrong address…

~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/ . profile . /.cache2/entries/

But yes, Dolphin browses them pretty much as well as this software would on Windows… I did suggest this, but I do remember the dark ages (maybe for a few months when I was still using Windows when I couldn’t get Ubuntu to do what I needed, back in 2007).

It’s strange that using Windows makes you think you must install software to do literally anything (like ‘irfanview’ to look at images - can you imagine having to INSTALL an image viewer to avoid loading up the heavy Windows photo viewing bloatware!!).

I do remember, back in 2007, how amazed I was browsing a Windows disk from a liveCD and being shocked at how many files and folders there were - which are completely hidden from Windows users.

And again, a ‘sorted list of link of files’ - in Dolphin you can select the View mode to show folders first, show previews, show information panel, and also Show in groups (which groups images/links/db files etc).

You could select all the images, drag them to a folder to copy them, then browse thumbnails to select what you need…

It’s a strange mindset that thinks there’s going to be a specialist software that can do the job better…

Yes, thanks.
I forgot the mozilla part of the path.
… but where else could it be if one looks through the local .cache folder? … :wink: