How to go about setting up Cloudflare DNS?

Hi there,
How do I use Cloudflare DNS instead of the default DNS that my ISP provides? I come from MacOS - over there I had to change the same in Network Settings.

Here’s what I tried:

  • Went to Network >> Connection
  • Under Wi-Fi, selected the particular connection >> IPv4
  • Changed Method to “Manual” and added Cloudflare DNS records - and

It showed an error.

So, again changed the method to “Automatic” and checked the same here: It didn’t work.

Please do help!

That’s not very helpful.

Assuming you are using KDE,it should be Automatic (only Addresses),not manual unless you want to change your IP, netmask etc

I think I got it. I should not have chosen “Manual”. Thanks.

Tried that. And tested it over here:

It didn’t work.


There is space between the , and,delete that space and try again,also sometimes you need to reconnect to the wifi signal/ethernet cable or even restart the computer.

That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot.

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