How to get wifi back after pacman update loses track of it?


I have a Manjaro MATE install in a multiboot situation on a '09 MBPro laptop that was my work computer. Since my work was shut down for almost 9 months I didn’t stay with the updates until a couple nights back . . . rather humorous to see 50 keyrings being removed and a bunch of other stuff running in the console before even getting to the pacman upgrades . . . might have been 500 packages . . . .

Anyway, that part went OK, the download took place over a wifi connection, so wifi was working, but after I rebooted there was no longer a wifi applet in the toolbar???

There were two items in the drop down menu, one was “enable networking” . . . both were checked on . . . but only “ethernet” was showing up as an option. I clicked on something, “edit connections” . . . and it showed the network as being last used, “four minutes ago” . . . so the system “knew” that it had just used a wifi connection . . . but nothing seemed to be obvious about how to get it to connect.

The work wifi is “protected” . . . a window has to open in the browser to be able to log in, after the password data is entered, but nothing in “security type” was listed, so I didn’t change anything, because I didn’t know what type it is, “WPA personal” or what have you.

So, fortunately I had an ethernet cable and there was an ethernet plug to jump into the network with, logged into the secure connection, ran another pacman to see if it would find “wifi” packages to upgrde . . . nothing showed up. I’m relatively knew to Manjaro, so is this a “known issue” where wifi gets lost on upgrades and you have to know the secret Manjaro code to get it back?? I was working so I couldn’t disassemble the wifi card and check it for leaks and bugs, clean it and put it back in, etc. For a 500 package upgrade it was working, on reboot it was gone . . . ???

What’s the solution?

That is a most excellent question . . . appreciate the asking of it. We don’t want “non-solutions” . . . “solutions” are much better to have.

@non_space Add the applet again? :smiley:

I guess you will need this one:

pamac install network-manager-applet

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So, OK, thanks for the hint, but as per my post the applet is there, there just is nothing showing “wifi” . . . only “ethernet” . . . “enable networking” is checked, etc.

Are you saying that this is a “failure of applet to perform assigned tasks”??? and reinstalling applet will then show full function??

Just checked my Manjaro install in my desktop and it is showing a line in the applet “enable wifi” . . . which was not showing in the MBPro edition of Manjaro??

Is that an “applet” issue or a failure to upgrade broadcom-wl package so that nothing is there for the applet to find and register???