How To Get Task Manager Progress Bar?

I’ve used Plasma on a number of distros and settled on Manjaro for my HP Envy x360. I was running ArcoLinux because I love the customization on the installation, and it works flawlessly on my custom PC build, but on my laptop it kept losing detection of my touchpad. That’s neither here nor there, though. In my experience using Plasma on Solus and ArcoLinux, there was a progress bar inside the app icon on the Icons-Only Task Manager that would run any time an app had a process going, much like Windows 10 does, so you could see the progress of that process without switching to that window (e.g. downloads in Brave, installing apps in Pamac, downloading games in Steam, etc.). Manjaro, however, doesn’t have this progress bar. I’ve cross-referenced the global themes between my laptop and my desktop PC and installed the same ones on both, but my PC running Arco Plasma has the progress bar and my Envy running Manjaro Plasma doesn’t. Does anyone know how to get this feature on Manjaro Plasma?


Not sure what the issue would be on your case, but the default Manjaro Breath and Breath2 Plasma Styles display the copy/move aka “process going”

  • Task Manager

  • Icons-Only Task Manager
    compared to when there is nothing going on

On my end is quite obvious the “overlay” progress.

Thank you for the reply! That’s odd. Here you can see I have Breath2 installed and applied:

Brave is downloading the manjaro-gnome.iso:
Then I switch back to global themes menu and no progress bar on Brave icon:
So definitely not working for me :man_shrugging:
I’ll try copying the .iso when it downloads to see if the progress bar works on the Dolphin icon, but I know it has always worked on Brave and Pamac in other distros running plasma/

Not sure about Brave, but for other browsers you need the plasma-browser-integration installed. You will then get some sort of notification in taskbar and on a fresh install will open Firefox to add it to the browser. After that you get this when downloading.



As for Pamac, i think only the Pamac-Qt has that integrated with KDE Plasma, but is still work in progress.

It’s not just Brave, though, and I have the plasma integration extension on Brave. I don’t get the progress bar with Pamac or Dolphin, either. I just transfered 15gb worth of stuff from my external HDD, about a 7 min process, and didn’t get a progress bar so this feature isn’t presenting at all on my install of Manjaro Plasma.

I still haven’t found a solution to this. Are there any other suggestions? Is it maybe my Plasma version?