How to get prime offloading working in new installation?

New here, just installed manjaro coming from ubuntu 19.10, on ubuntu 19.10 nvidia drivers are automatically installed and prime offloading is working out of the box.

Did some research on manjaro but it seems like the way of doing it is all over the place, some people say you need to install xorg from the aur, some to use optimus manager, some to configure it manually going through the files and so on. After reading pages and pages on this forum regarding this topic i still don't know which one should i use, people still talk about all of them lately so i don't know if one of them works better than the other in the newest kernel or if something broke along the way but they don't talk about it.

If there's a way to get prime offloading working (nvidia drivers 435 and older) without it being manually done and known to be stable which one is it?

  • Guy who just installed manjaro and still hasn't tried none of them.

Maybe this will help

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