How to get overseerr working and what version to install?

I would like to get overseerr running on my PC.
When I search for it in the package manager, I see it twice overseerr and overseerr git. Which one should I install ?

I saw that it is in fact a docker image, but I have zero docker experience, how can I get it up and running, because if I install overseer, it does not seem to be running, I would like it running when the PC starts, just like sonarr and radarr does.

overseerr is the latest stable release while overseerr-git is a VCS package which pulls the latest commit from the develop branch.

The Overseerr snap is the only officially supported Linux install method aside from Docker.

Installation - Overseerr

The AUR packages are neither of those. They build from source and should work similar to the Snap once installed.

There is a snap install if you don’t want to use Docker. Personally I’d avoid using Docker unless you have no other choice.

Thanks, sudo snap install overseerr did the trick.
When I installed from aur, overseerr did not start, and I had no idea on how to get it started.

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Glad you got it sorted. Now please mark Yochanan’s post as the solution since they did post before me. Thanks

OK, done.

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