How to get latest PostgreSQL binaries?

Hi there!

As a DevOps I work a lot with relational databases, especially with Postgres. I run various versions in parallel on my laptop. Some as Docker containers, and some as systemd services.

Recently I decided to try Manjaro as my main distro on the laptop, because I liked the idea of rolling updates. And because it positions itself as a distro that provides the latest versions of the software. Usually I take official packages for Debian, RHEL etc from download(dot)postgresql(dot)org, but unfortunately they don’t provide binaries for Arch.

I looked in the official Manjaro/Arch repos and in AUR and got quite surprised that there is no Postgres 14 at all. Version 14.0 released on 2021-09-30, and 14.1 on 2021-11-11.

As to the previous major version 13, latest available is 13.4 (Repository: extra, Build date: 2021-10-23). Actually it was released 2 months earlier, on 2021-08-12. Current minor version is 13.5 (released on 2021-11-11) and it’s missing in Manjaro/Arch/AUR repos.

What’s going on? Perhaps, I am missing something?
Is there a way of getting fresh binary packages, ideally the same day as a new version is officially released? I know that I can build it from sources, but I am interested in binaries.

You can download and compile the latest version from the webside of Postgres.

Maybe Arch doesn’t consider 14.x stable enough yet… :man_shrugging:

In the meantime, you may use the source-based packages postgresql-src (AUR) for the latest upstream release, or postgresql-git (AUR) for the latest development version.


No binaries, got it. Thanks for your answers, guys. I will try the “postgresql-src” tonight.

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