How to get latest kernel installed?

From my Manajro Settings manager I see 6.7.7-1 is installed and running.
But I note that 6.7.9-1 is available from GH.
So how do I get this version installed?
The advice available from here tells me to:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux67

But I just get

Error: You can't reinstall your current kernel.

Done searching the forum and web and found nothing that gives me the answer.
May be I need to wait until testing done? If so how do I know when to install?

6.7.9-1 is in unstable, so either wait for it to progress to whichever branch you are on or switch to unstable if you desperately need it now.

the latest is 6.8.0-rc even in stable. is there any reason to use it or just playing around ?

The only reason to use a Release Candidate kernel is for testing purposes. There will likely be bugs and regressions and you are expected to have the technical knowledge to deal with that. The whole point of RC is to find these issues before the kernel gets to a stable release.

If you insist on having that kernel
look in your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist, pick one, use any browser to open the link (without … /$repo/$arch at the end)
navigate to the unstable repo
and download the package.
Install with sudo pacman -U /path/to/where_the_package_got_downloaded_to/package_name.zst


Information about Manjaro branches:
Manjaro:A Different Kind of Beast - Manjaro package respository - Manjaro Wiki
Switching Branches - Manjaro Wiki

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Thanks for the replies and the info. I’ll stay on stable and wait…