How to get kate to directly open a new file like before?

anyway to skip the Welcome screen?
i saw this topic on Reddit but it’s private:

Best answer from this Reddit topic from Bjotte user:

As I can see OP found the option, I will just say for any other that finds this thread and wants the answer:
There is a checkbox on the welcome page at the bottom to turn it off.
The setting is also to be found in: Settings → Configure Kate → Session
and the setting is a check box named “Show welcome view for new windows”


Thank you
so many settings,menus and sub-menus, i really didn’t feel like going through them.

No offense meant. But this, this isn’t reason to ask help at all, never mind here. If you don’t feel like playing around with your computer, if you feel like it’s too much effort, especially something that’s as easy as this, well, then I suspect you shouldn’t be using Linux…

I also have times I’m not in the mood for something. But if it’s not urgent, I leave it for later, when I will do i t. If it is, I suck it up and just do it.

That’s basically how life works in general.

But I’ll hush my yap now.

i did look for an answer,and also provided the solution to which i couldn’t access.

You just admitted you didn’t look deep. That you didn’t feel like it, and that’s what I spoke about. Not the asking, or that you did look. Albeit quickly.

no i didn’t feel like going through all the sub-menus(and spread around options) KDE has for a simple checkbox, as it was a mere inconvenience.
I’d rather look for a provided solution.

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