How to get into ~/.local/ from the graphical file manager?

Hi. I have this problem, I want to get into a folder using the graphical file manager. The folder itself is located at:


I can do it via GNOME Terminal:
Screenshot from 2023-05-23 14-17-32

but not via graphical file manager :joy:

Make hidden files and folders visible in your file manager and open this folder. It depends on your file manager how to show hidden files and folder. But every file manager has an option to for this.

Generally, Ctrlh is a shortcut to toggle the visibility of hidden files.

Also, you could just type in in the location bar, or press Ctrll to get there quickly.

Thanks man :handshake:, I used to do that, I just forgot about it :joy:

Thanks you too, it’s good advice :handshake:

Be aware:

There is a reason, why some folders are hidden!

You need to know what you do, if you change any files / folders that are hidden by default :man_shrugging:

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For these cases, before I go anywhere, I take a snapshot of the timeshift :upside_down_face:

It’s already helped me out three times today. :smile: :fist:

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Apart from show hidden files and typing in the location bar…

I generally use zoxide.

So in Dolphin, if I press F4 I get a terminal, then I can type z chrome and it will switch Dolphin to ~/.mozilla/firefox/ben/chrome

This helps reduce the clutter of pinned locations and bookmarks (the other answer - add ~/.local to your ‘Places’ etc). and is a very easy way for me to jump straight to hidden config folders all over the shop.

z fish => ~/.config/fish

Sometimes it’s confusing, I have ~/.icons but also I keep some personal storage in /mnt/T4/Resources/icons.

For icons, I can do zi icons and use the arrow to select which item.

Example from KDE:

z color => ~/.local/share/color-schemes

It really helps sometimes when you’re not sure which path - because not everything is standard. (Firefox, for example, isn’t in the .config folder - it’s in home).

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