How to get better visualization in linux?

i had to install Windows on an older laptop with an inferior display and everything looked so sharp and clean.
since I’ve moved to Linux i have to put my reading glasses all the time, while on windows i was fine.

i tried playing with the scaling ,changed the fonts to CJK HK, as i saw they were recommended in several places and also made them bigger.

is it a driver issue ,or maybe the microsoft fonts or the ubuntu ones would make a difference?

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I think you have to experiment with the visual yourself. Start from choosing the theme, color, decoration and font. There are bunch of fonts available aside from CJK HK. As for sharpness thing on an old LCD screen, you can enable font anti-aliasing with RGB as sub-pixel rendering and none for hinting. You can also download community’s preconfigured theme on the internet from Manjaro system-settings, but I never done that myself. So, I can’t really recommend it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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