How to get a search bar for the open file dialog screen?

When ever I use Vesktop (a Wayland client for Discord) and go to upload a file it brings up this dialog box to pick a file which lacks any search bar:

It looks like the normal dolphin UI, but I cannot figure out how to enable a search bar for this specific pick file window. Is it even possible? :confused: I’ll specify I am using Wayland here, since this is a third party Wayland client.

So this is desktop-portal. Specifically xdg-desktop-portal-kde.
Depending on what you mean there is no search bar.
You can type into the selection area and the selection will jump to the typed sequence.
You can type into the path above that area as well.

If you want to actually search, such as using the index or similar to query a matching file in the whole system - then you can search separately using dolphin or kfind etc.

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Ive just been using kfind separately to find exact file names. Is there a way to make vesktop use dolphin for file picking?

Not that I know of.
The portals are the way integrated file pickers are handled.

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It is a common and unfortunately stubborn misconception among many newbies that the desktop portal — i.e. the file chooser — of KDE Plasma would somehow be dolphin, just as the same amount of newbies keep on mistaking kscreenlocker for sddm with equal persistence. :grin:

The filter isn’t only designed to filter files by extension, it can be used to filter files in current folder by typing any word

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Perfect, this worked exactly as I wanted. Faster than windows search too I might add :rofl:.

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