How to force usage of different version of ffmpeg in PKGBUILD file?

I’m building the vangers’s game engine as package for AUR. Readme’s recommended platform for building is ubuntu, which repos has ffmpeg version 4.4. Arch’s ffmpeg is 5.0, with ffmpeg4.4 as a separate package. The problem is, that the game seems to be unbuildable with 5.0 version. How can I force the package to be built with exactly ffmpeg4.4's libraries, but not 5.0 in PKGBUILD file?

Use ffmpeg4.4 instead of ffmpeg.

Well, I know I can force it to use ffmpeg4.4 as dependency with makedepends=('ffmpeg4.4'), but it will still use the 5.0's libraries because ffmpeg's libraries are already installed on system in /usr/lib

Install manjaro-chrootbuild and build it in a clean chroot:

sudo chrootbuild -p package-name -c

However, it’s possible there are other libraries that are also too new besides Ffmpeg.

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Thank you, it seems, like the problem is really with ffmpeg. How can I fix this for package? And how to clean up after chrootbuild run?

You’ll have to ask the developer to support a newer version, I suppose. You might want to let them know Ubuntu 21.10 and 22.04 are using FFmpeg 4.4 / 4.4.1.

Please don’t add packages to the AUR that are not complete.

sudo prepare_chroot

I ended up specifying cmake prefix in build(): cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/usr/lib/ffmpeg4.4;/usr/include/ffmpeg4.4" ..

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