How to fix Rockstar launcher with Lutris?

I’m trying to install GTA V through Lutris, but I can’t go past launcher installation, since after it installed and I’m launching it I’m getting this:

The funny thing is - I always saw it from time to time, when reintalling. But usually after 2-4 retries it’ll install and launch properly, so that I could install the game. But now it was more than 10 times already. Googling it didn’t show anyhting useful, so… I hope someone has a solution.

If someone knows how I can change default wine version used for installation(I have lutris 7.2.2 as default, but ge-wine 7.28 keeps getting used) or how to use wine 32 prefix instead of 64(I’m seeing warning messagings in installation about it). Maybe it’ll help with this, I’m not sure.

Did you try to switch to another Proton/Wine version?

Yes, I did. At least after the installation. While launcher is getting installed it chooses and downloads wine-ge 7.28 by default, couldn’t find how to change that.

I have no solution, but if it fails multiple times, then there must be something recorded in the wine logs about this problem. Increase the verbosity of the logs in lutris and share the output here.

UPDATE: I tried bottles and it just works. I did not login, but it installs and launches. I just set the games profile on creating of the bottle and leave everything to default. It is the flatpak version.

Well, I fixed it.

I turned on VPN before installations and also when I first opened the launcher I still used VPN and changed Wine version to the newer one. I can’t change default one for installation, but I can choose what I’ll use when I’ll first open this thing.

Either VPN helped cause I’m in a region with a lot of blocks and launcher couldn’t configure itself on launch properly when first starts, or it couldn’t do that with wine that was selected by default.

My guess one of these is true and it lead to launcher being broken afterwards no matter what(so even if I’ll use newer wine after first launch, for example - won’t help).

You should use a “Protonified” WINE version, not the system WINE in my opinion (not sure what you’re calling the newer WINE).

If you have network blocks then it is something outside of the scope of fixing Lutris for your game.

Well I’m not sure if it’s caused by blocks or what.

As for wine versions I use wine-ge. By newer I mean latest wine-ge, instead of the wine-ge 7.28 that Lutris keeps downloading and using for some reason, even If I delete that.

After this whole experience my guess that solution is “choose the most fresh wine when first launching after install”

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