How to fix my mirrors?

When installing 3 programs on pacmac I get this issue

Synchronizing package databases…
Then for every mirror name and service not known and then
Failed to synchronize databases and nothing installs.

I’m a noob to linux so I have very little clue to what’s going on here. My goal is to simply install onedrive for linux and all of this is happening.

When I install yay it fails because of this error. Cloning into ‘yay-git’… fatal: unable to access
‘aur…archlinux…org/yay-git.git/’: Could not resolve host: aur…archlinux…org

Please help me!

Welcome to the forum!

From what that sounds like to me, you’ve got a network problem. At the very least, you’re not getting any DNS results ─ DNS is the service that translates domain names into IP addresses.

In order to know whether it’s only the DNS that’s failing and not the connection itself, try pinging an IP address on the internet, like so…

ping -4 -c 5

The IP address above belongs to YouTube.

The command will take some time, but it will always give you some output, whether successful or not. Worst case scenario, it’ll come back with 100% packet loss, which means your network connection is down for some reason ─ the most common of which on a new install is that the driver for the network adapter wasn’t loaded or found.

I’m not a networking specialist by any means, but the results from the above command will at least set others on their way of helping you out. :wink:


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Unsure why you are installing ‘yay’ or ‘yay-git’ to install the OneDrive Client for Linux … that is not needed …

For Manjaro, you need to follow the instructions here: onedrive/ at master · abraunegg/onedrive · GitHub

Which is to install via:

pamac build onedrive-abraunegg

from the Arch Linux User Repository (AUR)