How to Fix HDMI Overscan on an old LED TV? - Khadas VIM3

Hi Guys,

I am using latest manjaro on Khadas VIM3 using mainline kernel and uboot and the OS is properly installed on EMMC and all latest updates applied through PACMAN. I am connected to an OLD led TV using HDMI and that TV does not support overscan adjustment, i have checked all its zoom/aspect ratio options. Usually we have option to adjust over or underscan using xrandr however I have googled a lot and tried several commands to no avail.

My current setup info is :
Linux yasirvim 5.11.7-1-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Mar 22 20:22:09 +03 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

My problem is this… (all side borders are cut by some pixels)

I was using a very old 1080p TV and had the overscan issue, I edited my config txt changing disable_overscan=0. Not certain why it worked but it did fix it for me (unless it was pure luck with some of the other changes I added :rofl:)

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Thanks for the help, config.txt location?

Hello Yasir,
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Config.txt is for raspberry pi.

Idk how this can be resolved on amlogic boards.

Maybe @Darksky Or @Strit can advice on this

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This is a “feature” of your TV set, so update your TV’s firmware, go into the TV settings and turn overscan off because if it’s a hardware overscan, nothing inside Manjaro can turn it off…


That’s not even an answer, please don’t bring the TV into it.

Ok, Consider the TV is gone and not anywhere near the vim3 , I just want to shrink the display by some pixels… No TV no nothing, just shrink the output going to hdmi…

Can we do it in manjaro?

Note: BTW you’re wrong, my x86 manjaro can do it, my amd gpu desktop can do it via hdmi scaling, my Intel laptop can do it via scaling, other people have done it on odroid c1 having amlogic soc on manjaro as well as Ubuntu. Just 3 or 4 posts above you, a user is saying he fixed a similar problem on manjaro on a raspberry pi… And you still say manjaro cannot do it… please bro…

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