How to fix error building IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition?

Hi, I am trying to build the AUR packages intellij-idea-ultimate-edition and intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre. However, I am getting the error at the end of the terminal output below.

The output below is largely in french, but the build is failing in the last two lines of the output. Roughly translated, the lines state “Error: jetbrains-idea.desktop has not been found in the working directory and is not a valid URL; Error: cannot build intellij-idea-ultimate-edition”.

The same two packages build fine on another machine running the same version of Manjaro, so I am not sure why the build is failing on this particular machine.

How can I get these two packages to build ? Thanks.

$ pamac install intellij-idea-ultimate-edition intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre
Avertissement : intellij-idea-ultimate-edition est uniquement disponible à partir d’AUR
Avertissement : intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre est uniquement disponible à partir d’AUR
Vérification des dépendances de intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre...
Clonage des fichiers de construction de intellij-idea-ultimate-edition...
Création des informations de intellij-idea-ultimate-edition...
Vérification des dépendances de intellij-idea-ultimate-edition...
Résolution des dépendances...
Recherche des conflits entre paquets...

À construire  (2):
  intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre  2023.3.2-1    AUR
  intellij-idea-ultimate-edition      2023.3.2-1    AUR

Éditer les fichiers de construction : [e] 
Appliquer la transaction ? [e/o/N] o

==== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.manjaro.pamac.commit ====
Une authentification est requise pour installer, mettre à jour ou supprimer des paquets
Authenticating as: XXXXXXXX (xxxxxxxx)

Construction de intellij-idea-ultimate-edition...
==> Création du paquet intellij-idea-ultimate-edition 2023.3.2-1 (Sun 07 Jan 2024 17:57:38)
==> Vérification des dépendances pour l’exécution…
==> Vérification des dépendances pour la compilation…
==> Récupération des sources…
  -> ideaIU-2023.3.2.tar.gz trouvé
==> ERREUR : jetbrains-idea.desktop n’a pas été trouvé dans le répertoire de travail et n’est pas un URL.
Erreur: Impossible de construire intellij-idea-ultimate-edition
pamac clean --build-files 
pamac build intellij-idea-ultimate-edition

Next time run export LANG=C so that it defaults to English.

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Since you are not using the community edition I assume you have a license - then use the JetBrains toolbox app from JetBrains Toolbox App: Manage Your Tools with Ease

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@megavolt - thanks, the clean of the build files fixed things.
@linux-aarhus - thanks for the link and for the suggestion to use the toolbox app. I have a licence, so will be sure to take a closer look.

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