How to fix dependencies?

my Manjare KDE Plasma Pinephone will not update anymore: It complains on being unable to satisfy dependecies. How to handle that? here’s a pic:

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Looks like ARM hasnt gotten (all?) of the package changes that recentl hit plasma - many packages moving from package-qt to package-qt5 in preparation for the coming qt6 standards.

The plasma-mobile and qqc2-breeze-style updates that were recently pushed to stable are broken. They are built against the KF5 packages from unstable that have the renames with a 5 suffix, but those renames have not made it to stable yet, only to unstable and testing. Hence, the plasma-mobile and qqc2-breeze-style updates cannot be installed.

This is a packaging error. It is not possible to selectively push updates to stable that depend on library updates that are not yet in stable. They either need to be rebuilt against the libraries in stable, or they can only be pushed together with the library update.

There is not much you as an end user can do to fix this error except waiting for the stable repository to return to a consistent state. This needs to be fixed by the Manjaro ARM team.

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