[How To] Fix Clementine Visualizations

I’m using Clementine to play music but it don’t show the visualizations although projectM is installed. Looking for a solution into de forum and with Google I found nothing. Only that I’m not alone. Finally I found a solution by myself and I would like to share it.

The problem is projectM installs the visualizations in several folders on the path:
but to work with clementine they should be installed on:
So I thought two solutions

  1. Copying the files from projectM to Clementine path, wasting space.
  2. Using symlinks in Clementine pointing to projectM

I choose option 2

Let`s go

  • Open a terminal on /usr/share/projectM/
  • Do a text file with ALL paths of ALL files inside the folder (recursive way). I named it presets and saved it in mi user folder.

ls -d -1 “$PWD/”**/* >> ~/presets

Now working inside this file we are going to do a script to create the symbolic links.

  • Get rid of paths unneeded, Paths of Folders and files with extension .so
  • Use Search and Replace with Regex mode. (I’m using gedit as text editor and I’m not sure if “Search and Replace” is an accurate translation, my system is in Spanish)

Search (/…*/)(.*)
Replace with “\1\2” “\2”;

  • Search and Replace with normal mode

Search "/usr
Replace with ln -s "/usr

  • Write the shebang (I’ve just learn this word, for me it was the first line of the script)


  • Save the file

Now open a terminal and make the clementine folder

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/clementine/projectm-presets

  • Get into the folder

cd /usr/share/clementin/projectm-presets

  • Copy the script

sudo cp ~/presets .

  • Make executable the script

sudo chmod +x presets

  • Execute the script

sudo ./presets

  • When it finish remove the script

sudo rm presets

  • Reboot

Visualizations should be working.