How to fix 10/9/23 update error that requires theme removal

This only applies to spins before 23.0.3 and the 23.0.3 LXQt iso’s released 10/8/23. A new set of LXQt iso’s was uploaded 10/9/23 that isnt affected by this error.

An upgrade to kvantum-qt5 breaks every theme produced by the SbK project. This is because the package is now kvantum, its marked as providing kvantum-qt5. Instead of removing your theme open a terminal and force the kvantum upgrade.

sudo pacman -Sdd kvantum

Then upgrade the rest of the packages with pamac or pacman as you normally would.

I have just finished changing, building, and uploading all the theme packages, 181 of them. Hopefully this fixes the issue. If not the fix above will fix it.